Mr blue bird on my shoulder...

...yes he is! and he won't stop singing, fab!
I was back in the printing room last Thursday screen printing these cards to help raise funds for my 3 Volcano Trek. The image is taken from an existing screen print I did a couple of years ago. 
I think it's perfect for how I'm feeling right now and a fab positive image to send someone through the post!

You can purchase a bit of Zip a dee at my Etsy & Folksy shops.
All the moneys from these cards will go towards the 3 Volcano challenge cancer Trek :)
Thank you to all who have visited my JustGiving page and donated, I'm truly grateful for your kindness and support:)
Well, with an over exaggerated spring in my step and a quick silly chim-chimeny stylie side clicky of my heels I'm going to tackle my 6 foot long to-do list!
Have a wonderful day!!


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