nice weather we're having today....

We've had a slight smattering of snow on them there hills,
 ( 'Smattering' being a proper weather type word so sorry for showing off and getting too technical ) 
Which looks gorgeous with the winter sun on it, 
( above the veiw from our house this morning )
 But 'by gum' it's fresh! brass monkeys fresh!
lovely though,
and that concludes the weather report for today!


  1. aye what a gorgeous view you have ;)

    loving my pink girl & button 'write a message' birthday card! - the hubby did good :D

  2. WOW!! Would you look at that view!?! It's beautiful.

  3. And God's country dons it's winter coat.
    All the best.

  4. By gum, Lisa, you make a good weather forecaster !
    Such a beautiful photo - I love the clear blue sky :-)
    Totally freezing here, such that even though I adore blue skies it's far too cold out there for a good walk.
    Stay cosy!

  5. Ere, you weather forecasting woman, what you going to make of the snow tomorrow then??? Looks like you won't be able to see out from your vantage point, you'll be snowed under! Sledges out I reckon? That's if I had one, I think the young ones might enjoy it?? Have fun, stay warm!


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