... not the James variety! this isn't Miss Money Penny or Pussy Galore,
This is another version of 'Thanks Love'
I wanted to zoom in on the image for a sense of closeness and to try and exaggerate the lovely textures that come through when screen printing, so I did a bit of experimenting yesterday.

I also screened a few more Little Bird BIG SONG cards,

I experimented with different coloured outlines, chocolate and royal blue!
I actually prefer the blue which I didn't think I would!

This week has been such a fab busy week,
I travelled down to London on Wednesday for a portfolio showing, it was so lovely to be away from the computer. On the train down the rape seed oil fields were soooo luminous yellow, they looked amazing! It reminded me of the walk we did last year and I just kept thinking how lucky we are to live in such beautiful country! 

oooooooo bit deep for a Friday,
lets get all light and fluffy!

Tomorrow I'm doing a bric-brac stall at the Yorkshire Cancer Gala Day at Roundhay park Leeds,
They'll be a fun fair, pony rides, Olympic games and the Red Arrows will be flying over ( and not the red admirals as I was telling someone the other day... although giant butterfly's flying over would be pretty amazing!)
If your in the Leeds area bob in and support an amazingly fab cause:)
Have a fantastic weekend!x


  1. The prints look great , i love the texturethat screen prints produce.

  2. Lovely! Love that you've zoomed in, feels like their even closer, more intimate! if that makes sense ;)
    Loving the different textures too!
    Hope you raise lots of dosh ;) xxx

  3. Oooh London sounds exciting, hope it went well! ? Hope you had a good day with the gala too, there's been a nitthering wind blowing so hope folks turned out to support you :)


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