We have a new addition to the family!
His name was Diddles when we picked him up, but I made it quite clear from the start no cat of ours is going to be called Diddles, what kind of adventures would he go on with a name like that! and there's no way I'm calling Diddles at the door of a morning!

So we re-named him Cassius,
 a nice strong cat name , 
Cassius is going to go on fab adventures and be home in time for tea!
But until he does he's grounded till he's had all his injections! He's only 9 weeks old:)
Hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine!


  1. Ah he's so sweet (and such a cool name).
    Hope all is well with you

  2. Very cute! sure he will bring you lots of fun, our cat is called Jelly, i need to call this every evening! luckily shaking biscuits is just as successful!

  3. He's adorable! I'm on the look out for another kitten as our old cat past away. xxx

  4. He's just gorgeous and looks like he's a bit cheeky too! :)


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