A fab and funky fund raising update!

We had a fab funky fund raising 70's night on Friday, ( ooo try saying that without your teeth in!)
everyone had to dress up in either 70's clothes or something beginning with 'C'
The dodgy character to my left with the chest wig is my brother! and to my right Chris! The cowboys are my mum and dad and I'm the one sporting a ridiculously large wig and a Abba-ish gold larme pointy collared number!

Local bands 'Call me Blondie' and 'Age of Paranoia' sang and played their hearts out, their passion and enthusiasm is infectious and we were all moshing and dancing away!

The night was a huge success and raised a wonderful £1005!!! fab!
The total so far is a fantasic £3,858!! and I have more money to add and cheques to pay into that too! so just brilliant! I've never organised anything on this scale before and apart from my dodgy raffle ticket calling in thick Dewsbury accent, it went really well so v proud!

Thanks to everyone who donated their time, talents and raffle prizes for free and everyone who bought a ticket and supported our fund raising 


  1. what a brilliant night im moshing my way through the ironing so it could be a bit creased luv mum xxx

  2. This looks like it was a good night, I can't believe your wig, it looks amazing, your blog always makes me laugh, well done Lisa!


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