chop chop work work...

... busy busy,

I've met myself coming backwards this week!
All good tho, fab to be enjoying the busyness.... even tho it's a bit tiring!

Screen printing a yesterday, 

And now busy baking and packing 
( my pet hate packing, I fall out with all my clothes, the suitcase and all boring sensible dull water proof clothing stuffed into an over sized Ikea bag! I truly envy the organised co-ordinated professional campers!!) 
...for a camping trip with friends for the weekend,

Can't wait to take a deep breath of fresh air and have a vino under the stars around the fire! 
Have a fab weekend!


  1. sounds fun the camping-I hope you get some decent weather for it!!

  2. I hate packing too, why do we get that job? Hope the trip makes up for it, I reckon it will, especially the vino under the stars, that will make everything right. I think it's going to be a nice weekend weather wise, so have a good one!

  3. Enjoy the weekend but wrap up warm. Apparently it's going to be chilly in the evenings!


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