I'm meeting myself coming backwards this week!
I've got lots of ideas, half started work and chaos on my desk!
I'm wanting to enter this competition by the lovely Umbrella Prints,
I entered it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the challenge!

I need to get my skates on though as the deadline is the 30th May and sketches and ideas is all I seemed to have had time for!

So sleeves rolled up and creative marigolds on I'm going to tackle the chaos, organise, discombobulate it all into labelled loveliness ready to be tackled into action!
I'm so busy with fund raising at the mo that all my spare creative time has disappeared, so I need to assess the balance and grab some me time!

Hope your scales are balancing today!


  1. good luck with the competition! sketches look fab!

  2. Good luck with the competition Lisa, I recognise that pose of the girl reading the book from your photos? It looks a good one! They all do. Hope you manage a nice bank hol weekend!

  3. Your work last time is gorgeous!!! I'm joining in too... I can't believe I nearly missed this! Thanks for posting the info! I just purchase a pack of trimmings... Woo hoo :)

  4. Ah brilliant! it's a great creative challenge , good luck xxxx

  5. Love the work in progress shots :)

  6. Good to see you overflowing with creativity and energy ;) Loving the sketches x

  7. Good luck, you do such beautiful pictures...can't wait to see the entries :-)


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