week off...

It was blooooming fereeeeeezing on Saturday in Leeds... what month are we in again?
and because of this the turn out wasn't fantastic, but we managed to raise £130 which is more than I thought we'd taken and better than a " kick 'up back side" as some Yorkshire folks would say, 
so all good!
Thanks to lovely Jo who came along to help out and support and Mum & Dad! xxx You're stars xxxx

All this fund raising and busy busy work work is slowing down for a week,
burning the candle at both ends may burn the brightest but it burns out quicker! and we don't want that,
time to regroup!
I've got check up at the hospital this week, an MOT! So need to slow it down!
I'm also helping at school as they are having Italian week and selling pizzas to help me raise money which is so wonderful:) and I need to get my training back up to speed which has taken a back seat with everything going on!

Have a fabulous week!
hope it's creative:)


  1. Good luck and take it easy if that is possible.

  2. You look to be freezing your bobs off there! Come on SUN we need some warmth. But you did so well,what amazing tenacity you have! Take it steady for a week, need to be in good shape for check ups! Have a great week Lisa!:)


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