Chubby hands and Asian arts

The girls had a great time at Asian arts and came home very colourful and extra gorgeous!

And while the girls were there, me and Sonny went on the Mac for some Cbeebies action! He's such a whizz at 3 and a half he picks things up so quickly, his little chubby hand clicking away on the mouse, (I love little toddler hands, where they have big dimples where there knuckles are supposed to be and little elastic bands around there wrists!) He can't hold a pencil properly yet and can just manage the S and O of his name yet can whizz around the computer screen creating pictures on Scribbler no problem. 
I think the Mac's so easy for him to use because it's so visual and user friendly, he knows to click the Safari symbol and then to click on the Cbeebies symbol in bookmarks no problem. At nursery they have a little computer bar and the little ones sit at the computers with ear phones on wheeling the mouse around! and they seem to sit quite nicely next to the sand pit and dressing up corner! It's just going to be second nature to them and Sonny's going to run circles around his 'ole Mum.....come to think of it he does now!


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