I actually did it!

I actually climbed up Pen-y-ghent, the start of the 3 peaks!! for someone who gets out of puff climbing the stairs it was quite an achievement, so V proud of myself! Thanks to the lovely Marina who was our guide and fab friends who went too, Ana, Cathrine, Steph and Linda!  
I also managed to finish a little fabric art that I was working on and my jolly postman brought this lovely book by the talented Helen Dardik, happy days!


  1. Lisa, you're an inspiration! I still haven't recovered from our climb, let alone thought about blogging about it - and here I see a photo of us all fresh-faced with not a clue what lay in front of us!!!! See that you didn't choose to share the photo at the top - were we just too wind-swept? - not a good look hey!

    Hopefully our next expedition will be far less strenuous!!! See you in Puerto Banooos!

    Linda xxx


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