The glass is half full!

I spent today screen printing with my friend Nickie. It's great to have a break from my home studio and work in a different environment (and have a real person to talk to and not just my Mac.... ok, so I talk to my computer, it's no big deal, the lady across the road talks to her washing line.)   I'd had a bad start to my day, driving the kids to school the wind screen wipers broke and it was raining hard. Only the passenger side wiper was screeching up and down so I had to drive back home with my head craned to one side. When I got home to phone Chris to report it, ( cars being Chris's responsibility... well I need to delegate some jobs!!)  the phone line was down, so I grabbed my mobile to credit, eeeeee
But hey, things could be worse, as the print says, the glass is really half full!


  1. I've just started my blog recently too Lisa. Yours is lovely... and your fabric art is beautiful and cute!

    Good luck with it all.



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