Friday fun

The last official day of the summer half term was spent in one of our favourite places in the whole wide world ever, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We went to see work by Sophie Ryder for the billionth time! The kids love the giant figures with rabbits heads and love to spot little objects which have been embedded into the giant bronze sculptures.
Sonny's fave was a little car he found...
...and Sky loved a cheese grater!
But best of all running in between all the fabulous sculptes on a beautiful sunny day!...back to work next week!... only 7 weeks till the 6 weeks summer hol!! happy days.


  1. My son loves that little car too. Have you found the tiny troll on that sculpture? Its brilliant for kids as its fascinating for them to find the tiny items embedded in it. Makes them look at sculptures in a whole new way.


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