surprises and hankies

I got a beautiful bunch of yellow Gerbera's and Lilly's delivered to me today, from my Chris apparently because I'm fab!! ah thanks luvvie, your a bit fab too! 

I've been busy working away on ideas for my next screen prints and some fabric art ready to put in my Etsy shop in the beginning of June and whilst doing a bit of online research....ok while idly loosing myself on the world wide web , I found the great Sukie shop and their Hankies page! How fab, bring back the hankie I say!!

My Gran always had a hankie tucked up her cardigan sleeve just incase, and my dad always has a hankie on hand when one of my kids does one of those great explosive sneezes!   Sukie's hankies are way too nice to use for an explosive sneeze though. They are 50x50cm , so for someone like me who was first in line when they were handing out generous noses (why couldn't I have been first in the line for long legs) ...(although I've been told it's a sign of genius and strength the Roman emperor's....ok so I'm grasping at straws!)
 So yeah, Sukie has the perfect hankie for me, the trouble is they're all so lovely, mmm which  to pick? ...Hankie of course not my nose!


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