A mothers Pride!

The weather just doesn't know what to do, one minute raining the next glorious sunshine which has been great for our beautiful Lilac trees and our tiny peas!
Just need to say, our Lily did fantastic again in the local school races, coming 3rd out of 180 runners! Well done Lil, I'm bursting with pride again! I just want to tell everyone and I think I'm fast becoming one of those annoying Mums who goes on and on about their kids achievements... well it would be rude not to I say, and it's rule No 6. in the How to be  a fab Mum hand book....

No 6. All Mums should boast to all other Mums in the playground about any sporting/academic achievement their child has done, and, casually play down/ not mention/change the subject of any unfortunate incidents your child has done towards other children, eg. banging other child on head with Tonka truck, burying other childs sandwiches in sandpit etc...

well done gorgeous!

I finished a screen printed version of a piece of fabric art I did a while ago, which suits the weather and my mood perfectly!.....did I mention my Lily came 3rd in the local schools running event?


  1. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Well done Lil!!!!!!!
    Where do you get those running genes from?
    You must be very proud Lisa!!!!!!xx Tanya


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