building great memories...

We left all this behind...the toy explosion from the kids entertaining themselves while I packed!
and travelled down to Oxford,
to have a fab time with great fab friends in lovely fab Oxfordshire
tried to catch butterflies in their beautiful garden,

got all cultured and creative at the Tate Modern London
watched street performers, wined and dined and shopped in Covent Garden,
confronted by tigers,
felt the sand between our toes,
feeling sleepy outside st. Pauls Cathedral London
had a "laff" and got merry!
Then as all great things do , our little holiday came to an end and we had to head back up North, filled with fab memories and feeling lucky to have great friends. 

So yeah , back to work today, and as predicted, I'm eeeeasing myself back into it slowly -  scanner's no longer working after a weeks sleep - great -  why do electrical things do that when you go away? I've tried the turn it off and then back on highly technical approach ..... but computer said naaa :(
 It's not all bad though, I filled my little sketch book with ideas after lots of inspiration from Oxford and London, and we're going away camping next weekend to Robinhoods bay so not long to wait before our next adventure!
Are we really on week 5 of the kids holidays!! 


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