Last weekend we went camping with these fab people to Robins hood Bay, and despite midges, air beds, snoring, wasps, horse flies! and hot to cold weather ( typical camping trip really!) we had a great time.
( Steve, Linda, Me, Sky, Sonny, Mackenzie, Lil, Marnie, Ruby, Rich, Chris & Ana)
We spent the Sunday in Whitby, famous for Bram Stokers Dracular, and here's Ana and Rich climbing the steps to the church and ruined Abbey..... note the dramatic clouds in the background!
seaside town of Whitby
Lil and Mackenzie crabbing on the beach
And of course we all had fish and chips well it would be rude not to!
So we survived another camping trip!! still washing and packing everything back up but the great company makes it all worth while!!! Thanks guys your ace mates!!


  1. more familiar places I see, lovely whitby, brings back memories. It's nice there.


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