'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi is a book about...well, pooing!! ( in fact it's amazing how many books we have on the subject!... and they'll be more to come , ooo can you tell I've had to go through potty training three times!!)

My kids are fascinated by the subject! and laugh at the different animals doing their business in their different ways,      (in fact, I think I never gave the subject a second thought until I became a parent. As soon as Lil was born I was obsessing over colour, consistency and how often, openly chatting to other new parents about it too and the contents of their little darlings nappies!!!... Oh I  apologise if your eating..)
So yeah, even after potty and toilet training is a distant memory ( and thank goodness! I still have nightmares of Skyla walking like John Wayne down the cereal isle of the Co-op to the loos with lovely presents for mummy in her pants!...thank goodness it was solid!! ..ooo I apologise again, too much information, but it is a memory hard to shake off, and one of many poo stories, well every parent has them!!) this book is still a firm favourite!

The illustrations are lovely and honest from Taro Gomi, who has illustrated lots of other books, which are on my wish list! We have one of his scribbles books which are fab for inspiring little imaginations, and great for long car journeys. 

We always end Everybody Poops by adding,  Even the queen poops (giggles), even Gabriella off H.S.M poops (shock! but giggles) even, your teacher poops!!! ( No way!!!!! giggles) Way!!


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