I've been slowly packing... since Wednesday!... washing and ironing for Britain... Olympic champion! ( My ironing breeds in the night when I'm asleep!)and now the ironing board is packed away  ( a very rare thing indeed in our house!)  and we're away visiting friends in Oxford with a little planned trip to London. 

I can't wait, I'm really ready for a change of scenery and some quality time with Chris and the children... away from the iron! 

While we're away it's our wedding anniversary.... 13 years! Wow where has that time gone!! We said every ten years ( if we survived it!) we would re-new our wedding vows, so these pictures are from the first 10 year celebration!! Our original plan was to go to Vegas, to a wedding chapel, stretch limo, Elvis, the girls in big meringue dresses with fairy wings and chris and I dressed up as something or other, the tackier the better, then blow a bit of money on the roulette wheel on "no 10"  in an 'Indecent Proposal ' stylie! But, the year before I found out I was pregnant with Sonny so the plans had to change! 
 The plans changed to a drive up to Scotland, over the boarder to Gretna Green, which was perfect as family could join us. It's only 3 years ago and the girls look so young! Sky touching up Grandma's lippy!
Skyla sucks her thumb, and while she does it she loves to stroke some silky fabric. The dress I has on that day was all silky and she was stuck to me like glue all day!!
Ooooo butter wouldn't mealt! don't let the angelic image fool you, this is the very rare occation Lil wore a dress! She's strickly a jeans and trainers girl.

Ahhhh,  ( permission to make sick noises at this point!) Skyla is behind me... sucking her thumb and stroking my dress!!
The  fab lovely thing about this day was that it was shared with the children, and Lil's face when we were saying our vows ( the first pic in this post) was magic, I think it was great for them to see Mummy and Daddy do something like this, and they loved it! I don't know what we will do 2016!!... a bit of time to think about it! So Happy anniversary to us!!

I'll be back on the 17th all refreshed and energised, brimming with ideas and fueled with holiday inspiration, raring to go! ( Ok Ok , so I'll have holiday blues and a face as long as a wet Wednesday but hey I'm being positive!!) Thanks for reading xx:)


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