'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace is  another book of Skyla's which again was bought in an attempt to encourage her to eat more veggies, just like Vegetable Glue
Oooo not quite worked... still will only eat carrots, but loves the story of little pea having to eat five pieces of candy before he can have his desert...a bowl of spinach! 

The illustrations are so cute and simple from this amazing and versatile illustrator Jen Corace. Her website is full of beautiful inspiration and even has an interactive dress a doll and play a game of solitaire!!

The authour Amy Krouse Rosenthal has a great web site who is Amy, it has little creative films on that she's made. One of them The Beckoning of Lovely is a fab film project, that's very uplifting to watch ( I'll try and put it on the end of this post but being the amazing techno genius that I am...don't hold your breath, you can be seen here.)
and finally...
... guess who's thirty something today! me! I'm celebrating with family and a birthday tea at my mum and dads after a day of screen printing some of my ideas up here ( the ideas pile up for that long that when I revisit them months later I've gone off them and want to try something else...not enough time!!)

 .....( sos for pants photo (this is my just had a fringe cut shot), unlike my children I'm not at all photogenic, I had a hard paper round as a kid... damn those Sunday supplements, and also had broken sleep for 9 and a half years. I was told by a photographer once that I had a very animated face!! oooo... don't know what to make of that!! I've had better complements.... like, "cream teeth are the strongest teeth you can get, I bet you don't have many fillings!!)

I can't really believe I'm thirty something-or-other and don't really know how it's got here so fast! but I do know I'm the happiest and most content I've ever been , I like being thirty something-or-other and wouldn't go back to my teens or my twenties for anything. Ok, so I have a few character  and laughter lines ( must stop laughing so much ) , ok,  so I have a lot of charcter lines and the odd grey hair springs out on me to say "Hiya"... and that's just on my chin! but vanity aside , I really feel like celebrating this birthday because I'm so lucky to have all the fab friends I have, great hubby and to be sharing it all with...
...  these little beauties, my best work ever!

Yeah I did it!! I may be knocking on a bit but I'm getting on top of this techno stuff no problem!! life in the fast lane, I'm hip hop n happnin and down wit da kids...word up... ok I'll shut up now.


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