special delivery

We have a stand in post-lady (She's a bit tired, she's been up early) for my usual postman, ( I think Lil is expecting something very special but Bob the builder's got another bill again!!)
She brought me this fab print from the talented Yee Haw. It's a present for my brother who is a massive music lover, especially 70's funk, Jazz & soul. When I lived at home we would spend many a sunday morning in our dressing gowns strutting our stuff  and shaking our booties to "sex machine" in a James Brown stylie!!
So this is going away to the framers and then going to be sent to santa!
But in the meantime, this is for you Ian x


  1. What a truly funky cat but his dancing doesn't come anywhere as near as good as when we used to get on the good foot. Ian x


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