'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

This book is one of the cutest cuddly-est books ever. Bugs in a blanket by Italian illustrator Beatrice Alemagna is about Little Fat Bug who has a birthday party inviting all the other bugs in the blanket who he has never met before. To his surprise they are all different! It's a story about celebrating all our differences and accepting the way we are born!! It's really sweet and the illustrations are gorgeous and represent the text perfectly!
Little Fat Bug
Little Yellow Bug
"He thought the other little bugs would all be fat and white, just like him. What a disappointment!"
"So, having settled that, they scurry onto the dance floor and start dancing,"
I love the little bug's face with the spotty top on, Sonny likes the bug in the the middle with the big open mouth - we imagine him to be saying "Yeah, let's shake some bug booty on the dance floor!!


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