artists model...

Whilst watching the X-factor results last night, Lil Sonny & Sky decided to draw me,
Sky's gorgeous 'me' above and Lily's cool 'me' below ( I like how she's edition-ed her work!!)

But by far the most realistic and flattering  is Sonny's...

I just love my big jazz hands, eyelashes above my eyes and the big flower on my head " because I'm a mummy"!! How lovely! The black dots on my face are my freckles! ( just incase you were wondering if I had a black head problem!!)  
I love my kids drawings,  so confident bold and special, so I wanted to share on this glorious sunny wintry Monday morning :)


  1. Oh, they're all top-notch, but I do particularly like those big Jazz hands... all the better for tickling and cuddling with.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Well done Sky, Lily & Sonny- such a talented family.

  3. Thats definately put a smile on my face..what gorgeous pictures, so sweet, thanks for sharing your lovely childrens work!!
    :) Amy

  4. Love the kids interpretation of illustrated mom ,
    It's so heart worming to see that each special way of you .


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