every now and then it hits me that my last lovely has started school and I'm on the next chapter.
Today I really miss him. 
I've stared at a blank piece of paper for an hour, wandered around the house ignoring dust and piles of ironing, looked out the window at a grey rainy view, cursed that it's Wednesday and then sat back down to my blank piece of paper and 5th cuppa.
do you have days like this? they're not often for me but I just feel a little lost?!
OK Lise, Focus!! 
any motivational & inspirational quotes welcome!!


  1. Bin the blank paper and go for a wander round Salts Mill is Saltaire....we went on Sunday and I came home full to the top with ideas!
    The blank paper will stay blank and you'll just feel guilty for wasting the day if you don't.... so hurry up and go NOW before the school run xxxx

  2. What a good idea.... sounds great to me !
    Hope you get plenty of inspiration

  3. That was me on Monday, I reminded myself just how grumpy I would have been had someone been breathing down my neck had I been back in the office!! :)

  4. Change is hard but always good things come from it :-)

  5. I only just saw this - it's funny, but I know that is EXACTLY how I am going to feel when my youngest starts school next year. I feel a bit panicky just thinking about it. And at the same time I'm looking forward to more spare time, but still...


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