Well it's been a scary 'ole weekend,
lots of mummy's, bats, Zombies and creepers that go Woooooaaaahhhh in the night!
 the eyeball and spoon race, pass the pumpkin and make a mummy... all fab fun!

Lil and I went to the York Dungeons with some lovely friends on Saturday, but Lil only lasted the first room before it was all too much and had to we had to leave! 
( I think it was the medieval doctor waving the wet liver around that he'd just pulled out of the dead body that lay on the table in front of us, I think it had been in a bucket of water and it splashed us as he waved it around....Lil was not impressed, and cut off the circulation in my right arm she was gripping that tight! so when everyone had gone on to the next gruesome theatrical performance the blood splattered doctor let us back out! nice man really!)
Hope you had a spook-tacular weekend! and ready for a fab creative one!


  1. Ew! Poor Lil!

    Sounds a bit like our Halloween -we went to the Subtropical Gardens (they do a floodlit evening thingy with lots of lanterns and pumpkins everywhere - lovely) but they had these spooky floating heads that were triggered by movement, and then they moaned and groaned and moved up and down.

    Nelly was absolutely petrified, poor kid. She's been going through a spell of nightmares anyway, I don't think this will help!


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