Operation Loo... Week 1

I volunteer my services at Lil, Sonny & Sky's school every Monday, and I've been asked to paint the newly refitted loo's! ( Not the most ideal of working environments but I was glad to help brighten up the standard magnolia walls! )
So after school council meetings and much chat it's been decided  mermaids for the girls and pirates for the boys. Above is the first plan for the girls and yesterday I started work...

Above is the bare wall,
below my make shift studio by the sink,

and by the time the 3.30 bell went this was the wall so far!

Each week I'll give you a toilet up-date ( ooh that sounds so wrong ) and let you know how I'm getting on. The girls loo's are quite big so It's going to take me quite a few weeks but hopefully the girls will love their picture book mermaid scenes!


  1. oh fantastic! What a super project! Your kids are going to be so proud of your super toilet painting skills!

  2. What a great idea and a fun project. Lucky school to have you as their resident toilet artist!

  3. This is brill!! I second the above, how lucky they are to have you to personalise their lavs!!

  4. Ha ha ha, it doesn't get more glamourous than this! life in the fast lane! when I'm a multi millionaire children's book illustrator next year those loo's will be worth a fortune!! he he!

  5. It looks great so far - lucky boys and girls!

  6. It looks super Fab Lisa, nice one. I know the kids will really love it when it's finished!


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