To get out of the house and away from my 'lost' phase! I went screen printing yesterday and printed a new colour way for Thanks Love,

and finished Autumn Breeze.

Both prints are now listed in Etsy & Folksy.

Also Where I go screen printing I've entered the Flourish Exhibition, and here's my little offering.
If you live in West Yorkshire and can get to WYPW bob in and see the gorgeous print work on display there, I'm amongst very very talented company, amazing work ( I feel totally out of my depth actually!)
 sorry for dodgey photo's the lighting wasn't very good yesterday,
Gallery opening times can be found on the WYPW website.

Children in need day here today, and the kids have to wear spots to raise lots!! Then local vicars in big spotty knickers are going to collect all the takings! honest! fab! 
Get involved and donate, sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are, and I'm V lucky with my little healthy crackers!

have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. loving the new prints! well done on the exhib too ~ v.exciting :0) your picture gallery looks ace! x

  2. Your work looks fab - you ought to have more confidence missus!
    You have a beautiful family btw!

  3. Your work is fab!!!
    love the big spotty knockers, so funny ;D

  4. Oh my Gosh! that has made me laff! it's a typing error on my behalf which I've just amended! It Vickers in big Knickers!!! ...not Knockers!! eeee it's 'carry on' up the school! sorry :)

  5. I much prefer the spotty knockers ;o) I've just laffed my big knickers off!!

  6. Your work looks sooooo good altogether like that!!!
    The Vicars in Knickers visited Flossie's school too and the kids nearly wet their knickers laughing so much!! xx

  7. Am loving the new print 'thanks luv', hope you're not snowed in Nicki xxx


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