domestic goddess...

I've just had one of those homely baking days! 
I've baked some buns for school for the Christmas fair on Saturday, and I just thought you know what, I'm going to find a couple of those recipes you book mark to make and then never ever get round to making!
 So, whilst I had my pinny on and was in the mood ( I'm no domestic goddess really) I made...

Nigella's scarlet-speckled loaf cake made with beetroot and cranberries, and it's gorgeous even if I do say so myself!

and ginger sponge with chili icing, kind of adapted from a couple of recipes!

eeee, I've right enjoyed having the day off and pottering in the kitchen, very therapeutic to make cakes from scratch!


  1. Ooh now that is MY kind of day, good for the tummy and the soul!! Nigellas looks particularly scrummy ;)

  2. looks all yummy-scrummy! don't you just love the mess made by baking! x


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