20:20 Exchange...

Do you remember me taking part in the Hot Bed Press Exchange?
I did the above print, Lil fossil hunting on Runswick bay in a red hat, 20x20cm screen print, here is the initial sketch, and here's the screen printing process.

Well last week I received my exchange portfolio with a copy of my print and 20 others! It was great opening it up and looking at all the other work, very interesting and inspiring!
Here are a few of the other prints...

Emma Lawrenson

Jill McKeown

Katherine Anterey

Margaret Becker

Antonia O'Mahon

All the submissions have been put on flickr here
and here are all the West Yorkshire Print Workshop prints!
It's been fab being a part of this project and exciting to see what other print makers have created


  1. Love the image,adore the combinations of blue and red together. I work not far from the sea, and this is the cutest image. I remember fondly collecting shells, still do to be honest when i see one. Thank you for sharing these wonderful works of art.

  2. Aren't they great! I particularly love the first one from Emma Lawrenson - very cool!
    (And your lovely print of course ;-) )


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