School loo's update... Week 2

Today I was able to go into school and continue project loo's!
This was the start,
and this is the progress by the school bell today...

slow and steady progress which will continue after Christmas.
It's sooo lovely to hear the kids reaction, Sonny was so sweet, I could hear him behind the door saying, 
"my mum is in those toilets painting because she's a proper artist" Ahhhh!


  1. I bet lots of the children are asking to go to the toilet just so they can check on the progress!
    Are you doing the boys too?
    By the way, thankyou for my parcel of goodies. The pieces are wonderful and so carefully and thoughfully packaged.
    Have a great Christmas.

  2. wow!!! it looks so lovely!! Those loos are going to be very popular!! xx

  3. Awwww... that's so sweet!!! Heart melt <3

  4. wow! you have been busy! looks great :D x

  5. Oh, super! I might post these if I may (for my art in schools feature).

  6. Oh wow!! Super magnificent!! You are a woman of so many talents! What I would'nt give to get to look at that each day before and after I pee :) LOL.
    Seriously... I hope that wall becomes a part of the school's history and memory! it's absolutely fantastic... and it's not even finished. You proper artist you... :) ♥


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