3 days to Christmas and my mum...

...is in bed poorly sick with a cold bug!!
I always get poorly at Christmas, it seems to be tradition! As soon as I allow myself to relax the bugs say get her now!! I don't do poorly very well, I haven' got time for it! but I was up all night coughing and sweating! so today has been spent sleeping!!
So I'm leaving you with the big man himself by Skyla and signing off for Chrimbo to concentrate on getting better :)
I wish you all a 
 Fab Christmas 
and a happy healthy new year! 
Thank you soooo much for all your support, lovely comments and encouragement on my blog this year it means so much to me, and I've loved sharing your blogs and creative projects this year too!
have a good one Lisa:)xxx


  1. merry christmas! hope your feeling heaps better today ;0) see you in the noo year x

  2. Aww!! Get well soon, lots of lemon drinks and a few hot toddies!! Have a fab Christmas, hope you're feeling much better soon. xxxx

  3. Ohh, get well soon, poor you.

    Looking forward to seeing all your fantastic work (and lovely family life) next year x

  4. Oh I hope you're feeling better and managed to eat some Christmas pud? Have a rest and come back to us all fighting fit and ready for 2011.
    Hope we get to meet next time I'm home in Yorkshire...


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