Get your skates on!

We went to Christmas Adventure on Sunday with lovely friends, we went around an enchanted forest, a Christmas maze and then ice skating, fab wintry fun!

Sonny loved it, he had a bit of support with this little fella first then he was off!
It was a lovely thing to do in the evening with all the Christmas lights, very Christmassy!

and here's a better photo of 'Give us a kiss' which is now listed herehere.
Thanks again for all the lovely comments about this print, it's so encouraging, 
eeeee come ere and give us a kiss! x


  1. I love your work! Thank you so much for your kind comment... I got a bit teary! Your a great mum too! lou xx

  2. The print looks great!
    Funnily enough I'm just off to fetch my daughter back from an ice skating party!
    Schools finished early, yay! - severe weather imminent.
    Have a great Christmas.


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