beautiful animation and getting in the Christmas spirit!...

Lily has been writing about memories in her literacy at school. The teacher played this animation on the white board to the class and Lily thought it was beautiful. She was desperate to share with me last week when school was closed. 
It is beautiful, very haunting with an uplifting ending.
I love it when my kids are excited about what they have done in class and come home to share! 
and how fantastic that they can access fabulous resources at the touch of a button, amazing! long gone is the blackboard, eeee I feel a bit old saying that!

Ok, Christmas is definitely here! 
we love love love the preparations for Christmas,

we have a fur tree farm just down the road so Chris and the kids walk down, pick a tree, cut it down, pay the lovely lady who gives the kids treats and then walk back home and trim! 
magical, even more so with the early snow this year.
This is the tasteful tree by the fire, and then our lovely fab colourful one is in the kitchen with all the gorgeous home made decs.

oooo, and lovely chocolate every morning for breakfast,

Lil & Sky made this a year ago, it's so lovely when we get it out and fill it with chocks.
We've also been busy making garlands, they're really easy, just cut out large leaf shapes from coloured paper, old book Page's and vellum papers and then sew them all together and hang up!

OOOH I love it, I've overdosed on mulled wine, mince pies and the Pogues fairy tale in New York this weekend and loved every minute of it!
Hope you're enjoying trimming up and getting into the Christmas spirit!
Have a great start to your week!:)


  1. Ah, you're getting me right in the spirit. We watched the Charlie and Lola Christmas special this morning which is my favourite adn best Christmassy thing EVER!

    Isla has just exclaimed "Look at those beautiful trees!!!" which they are indeed.

  2. That video was very touching. Thanks for passing. I love all of your pics but especially the one you shared of your garland. SO cute!


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