I've added the last two colours to this, grey and red and now 'Give us a kiss' is finished! 
my last screen print of the year!
The photo's are not great as it's such a dark grey day here and no natural day light, so tomorrow I will take some better photo's then list in my shops!

I think it's turned out really well, I want to make this screen print look hand done and sketch like with lots of texture and movement. Let me know what you think :)


  1. so beautiful, really love it. It works incredibly well x

  2. to be honest you've got to save one for me to buy.. love this too just get better and better, wonder what the new years prints will be like??

  3. It's brilliant, love all the texture!

  4. I think you've definitely captured what you set out to achieve in this lovely print! It's great to see it finished, I LOVE it :)

  5. Thank you again for all your lovely comments it does mean a lot to me So BIG THANX x

  6. it turned out briliantly! You have a gift!


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