snow time!

We've all been snowed in for 4 days, no school and lots of playing and sledging!!
I love it!

the photo's don't give it justice at all of how truly beautiful it is here! 
Living in a deep valley makes the views breathtaking and the sledging fantastic!!
Hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this wonderful winter land!


  1. Aah- just like christmas time used to be!
    (Un)fortunately our school has stayed open - German efficiency at keeping things moving!

  2. Without a doubt the cutest snowman I have ever seen!!! :)

  3. oh sigh, I just emptied my postbox, our road has been closed a week so we didn't know that there would be post...thank you for the prints I love them soooo much I don't think I can part with them....You live close to my very good friends on Underbank Old Road! funny your kids probably go to the same school! love your photos..We're on survival mode here!! :) Amy


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