...and again!...

Yesterday I was printing again.

Chris has taken my Lil Sonny Sky camping to Robinhoods Bay with lovely friends so I have 4 days, 
yes whole days!
to slow down, 
catch up 
and work, which is a rare lovely treat. 
I do miss them loads too and there's always that mothers guilt 
but I am also really enjoying no schedule and freedom to think... for more than a Minuit!
Yesterday I was printing again...

You may recognise this print from the 20:20 exchange
inspired by Lily fossil hunting at Runswick Bay.

This is a re-working of the same illustration, but with an added colour, sand.
It's also a larger print and printed on 300gms slightly off white 100% cotton Hot press paper 
( just in case you needed to know.... I must stop waffling on about paper)

I've done this print as a starting point for three pieces I'm doing for Holmfirth artweek exhibition.
I've listed this print in my Etsy and my Folksy, it's a limited Edition print, I will not be screen printing this illustration again.

Let me know what you think and have a lovely sunny day!


  1. I love this, one of my favourites I think! It could be me on that beach (except that I have short hair of course!)

  2. Great print! I love the way you're using texture instead of just flat colour.


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