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I've had one of those weeks, where I've met myself coming backwards!

Lil, Sonny Sky have had lots going on, I've had work to do not to mention trying to fit in all the domestic bliss!
 I sometimes wonder what I did with all my time before children?!!

 I've had very little time to catch up on my fave blogs, 
SO,  in my lunch times I've been inspired by all you talented blogists and was so thrilled to see this on Carly's  fab Moopy and me,  
my print 'flower girl' in the gorgeous Nest studio, right on the other side of the world in Adelaide Australia!

Carly and Amy also run Umbrella prints
gorgeous designed fabrics available here
and they are running the trimmings competition for 2011, which I won in 2009! 
(wow where the heck does the time go??!!)

I'm a bit late really for this year but really wish I could to do it! 
I loved entering and being inspired by my lovely trimmings pack!
 I will definitely do it again next year,
their fabric is so inspirational and beautiful to work with.

Thank you Amy for your lovely post x


  1. Looks like you set a high standard mrs....lucky for me you're not bothering this year he he :-) xx

  2. these are super dooperly gorgeous, can see why you won!! :) XX

  3. Is there a pattern for I Heart Sewing?

  4. Lindo seu trabalho, Parabens!!


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