Yorkshire Sculpture Park

One of my fave places to spend the day, by far,
and we're so lucky it's just up the road!
You must go see the Jaume Plensa exhibition at the park, it's wonderful,
Lil, Sonny Sky loved it, it's such a beautiful park with the most amazing exhibitions
Info here :)


  1. What an amazing place. Thanks for posting these photos.

  2. Hi lisa - I have just found your amazing bog via Amy Prior's website. I live in Yorkshire (Leeds) too so thought I'd pop by and so glad I did!
    YSP is one of my favourite places ever too and we were supposed to be heading there for a picnic today, but all got a bit late. Can't wait to see those new exhibitions!

    I love your pics below too of the rapeseed fields - another of my absolute fave evocative images. (the kids are fed up to the back teeth of hearing me wow over them at the mo!)

    Off to explore your work now ;-)


  3. One day I will visit, I've heard so much about YSP! Thanks fo sharing your pics xx
    PS So nice to see you in you last post!!

  4. Such a great place, I'm jealous. Aren't your littles looking big!

  5. we really enjoyed the new Jaume Plensa. It's great for kids as it's interactive. We loved hitting the gongs and running our fingers alog the curtain of poetry. we're very lucky to live near YSP. You got some great photo's.


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