school loo's update... week 10

Day 10, and I've nearly finished!
next week I have just a few loose ends to tidy up and then the girls loo's are finished!
the girls can do what they have to do surrounded by fish and mermaids!!

I want to pick your clever creative minds now, 
and have a caption competition for the mermaid below...

what could she be saying or thinking?
any suggestions?
Put your creative thinking cap on!
If your suggestion gets picked I'll send you one of my mermaid screen prints,

big thanks!
can't wait to read them!


  1. This is wonderful - so bright and cheery!

    "It's oh so cool to swim in schools"
    (Just a little silly play on words since fish swim in schools and this is painted in a school.)


  2. Hiya how about something along the lines of 'fish forever'...or 'love our fish' to help raise awareness that they could run out, graffiti stylee?? XX

  3. 'Please little fishy, show me the way out of this place I want to start a new life out in the country.'

  4. Gorgeous post, I love what you have done with the bathroom, amazing! How about something about friendship in your quote/thought bubble. She looks so lovingly at her fishy friends, sweet! xo "Friends are Forever"

  5. How about, 'Beware of electric eels swimming up the u-bend?' No.....perhaps not!

  6. haha! love the electric eels ;o)
    How about
    “be as good as gold”
    The loos are coming on swimmingly, going now before I go pun crazy ;o)

  7. ha ha ! fantastic! love the eels!....that will scare the kids into washing their hands!!

  8. the mermaid fan in our house came up with 'Now wash your hands or you'll smell like a fish'....perhaps helped by her older bruv!!

  9. AH brilliant! ...or even you'll have fish fingers!!
    I love how funny these are:D

  10. Hi Lisa, this makes me think of the song the '3 little fishies' so the quote woild be 'Swim if you can' (boom boom dittum dottum whattum chu etc) as it goes. My Mum used to sing this to me many moons ago!
    Love what you have done in those loos, it might make them want to sit in there all day?
    Best wishes, Julie Clay

  11. It all looks so gorgeous Lisa. Lovely, lovely work.
    1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive......... 6,7,8,9,10 then I let it go again!


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