weekend with my 'Lil sonny sky...

I love love love the sunshine, my family and where we have put our roots.
On a sunny day, Yorkshire is stunningly beautiful, 
stunning views that seem to be filled with timeless beauty and for me ('cos I am a sentimental 'ole softy) great pride mixed with nostalgia.

At the back of our house is a community field, it's a great space for football, kite flying, blankets and drawing and impromptu picnics,
and it's a space on sunny days my kids love to go! and I'm sorry that the pictures don't, and never will, give it justice!

When the sunshine allows the kids seemed to be energised to do all kinds of activities including experimenting with exploding volcano kits... goggles on please ( or if you haven't any goggles a pair of cinema 3D glasses will do!)

This is our wild back garden which we need to tame!

The frogs have been busy in our 'wild' pond!
I think there's more jelly frog spawn than there is water!

and this is the view behind our garden and in front of the community field,
it's very special to me as over the past 10 years I've sat here with my children as babes, chatted with them and ate ham butties, put the world to rights, cried, felt incredibly lonely, felt incredibly happy, 'laffed' and even breast fed here!
It's my thinking place and I wish every one could share it, hear the birds and feel the breeze and feel the view and not just see it in this photo!

( man alive! that was a bit deep!!! for me,
I promise the next post will be light and fluffy!! I think it's my age mixed with hormones!!!
I just feel incredibly lucky! to have great friends, family and space:)


  1. aah great stuff, heres to sunny days with family :) x

  2. It is lovely to have a piece of outdoor space as 'an always go to', for good days and not so good days. Your patch of outdoors looks just beautiful and makes me feel nostalgic too for a past life living in the dales whilst at Uni! Fond memories {and crazy bus journeys} indeed! x

  3. Lovely post, Lisa.
    That view is amazing. Been enjoying the sunshine with my lush family here today - paddling pool and all xx

  4. Ahh...Yorkshire! Born and raised there but you would never know...lost my accent years ago. I still yearn a Pontefract liquorice now and again. Nice to have some family out-door fun now and again (-;

  5. You cant beat good old Yorkshire, its the best place in the world to live - oh yeah, Im a Yorkshire lass - through and through.

  6. what a beautiful place to live and a lovely post, envious of your outdoor space, what a view x


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