printing again...

A bird-day card I printed yesterday while trying to work on a bigger print!

The card came out really lovely, ( I'll bob them in the shops this weekend when the girls have cello wrapped them for pocket money!... child labour I know.... but it doesn't come cheap with my money savvy girls let me tell ya!!)

But, the bigger print caused me loadsa problems!
So I'm going back in on Saturday to solve them!
He who dares Rodney...


  1. nice stuff .. your blog header guy looks a little like the funny Air NZ mascot they have at the moment - some South American hamster called Ricco!

  2. Wow! I'll have to check him out!:)

  3. Lovely graphic!
    Have a sweet day!

  4. I love those! will put an order in xx

  5. very nice blog:) I invite you to my blog;*

  6. Dang. You are so talented! I love your blog and your creations! Keep it up!


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