feel good factor...

We had a fab camping weekend,  
the little sunshine dance I did and pleading to the sun God to shine on us for the camping weekend worked!... well till Sunday mid-morning anyway but I wasn't complaining!
Lovely weather, great food ( lots of it too! lots of pork products, bacon and sausage seem to be the camping staple) and of course lovely lovely company.
We skimmed stones,

walked, talked, laughed ( a few of the kids cried) toasted marshmallows and drank a whisky or two under the stars around the fire,
camping at it's best.... and that's something coming from me, who is very very slowly being converted into a camper! ( and that's very slowly Chris!)

Hope you had a fab weekend too:)


  1. All my family love camping...not myself though! Off they go without me...husband in tow... running wild...eating lots of unsuitable culinary delights for their breakfast like Kit-kat chunkies and digestive bisuits...I'm sure they would scoff those smiley cakes!

  2. You made it sound like so much fun that I wanted to be there, then I remembered, "I hate camping!"

  3. Ah, the question is, do you take a blow-up bed and pillows etc, or do you rough it?! I need my little luxuries at my age!!

  4. Those cup cakes are adorable!

  5. What a wonderful website you've created. I love your selection of artists.


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