Lil, Sonny and Sky are on half term holiday so we have a few projects planned,
one being a little Mehndi (Henna tattooing to me and you!)
Last year I was inspired by Beth Gunnel's posts on her wonderful henna tattoo's and decided it would be a fun thing to do with the girls!

I did a little skull and cross bones on Sonny's hand because there was no way he would sit still for an hour... not even for me to take a photo!

We used this great book, Mehndi, by Carine Fabius (I've put it in my book shelf lovelies)
Which gave us the origins of Mehndi, the culture and rituals behind it which is so interesting!

We also used the design on the inside of the Yogi tea boxes as inspiration! I drink tonnes of Gingko and Liquorish tea and the design on the inside of the box is beautiful!

What do you think!? not bad for our first attempt!
The girls want to do it again in the summer holidays,
lets pray to the sun god for flip flop weather!!


  1. prey to the sun god? you do things differently in England.

  2. Thanks Mark, it was late when I did the post and I am officially the worlds worst speller! :)

  3. ah lovely! They look super! Glad you enjoyed it! You're inspiring me to get my henna out again now!x

  4. Just beautiful, I want one! What if I just pop over from Australia one afternoon promise I'll bring the sunshine with me!

  5. Oh please Kylie! That would be fantastic!:)


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