Runswick Bay

We went back to Runswick Bay for the weekend for a family celebration.
It's my favourite Yorkshire sea side spot by far, totally unspoilt. 
It feels like you've stepped back in time 30 years and the kids love it.

I took plenty of photo's to inspire more screen prints perhaps!?....

I love this little house right on the edge of the sea, with it's thatched roof, it looks like a child's drawing.
It has an amazing allotment next to it with perfect little rows of carrots, beets, kale and potatoes, 
so perfect, 
I wonder if they grow better for the sea air?

Chris' brother said this house was on the market not so long ago for just under a million pounds!
I love how the wall is weather beaten, and just around the side is a big bay window looking directly out to sea. I bet this little house could tell a few sea tales.

This was the view from our little flat!

I got up early to go for a run on the beach,
I imagined to look like a Timotei ad, elegantly running along the beach, sun glimmering on the sea, pony tail swishing....

I looked more like a funky chicken as my feet kept sinking in the soft sand and had to give it up as a bad job to run on the road instead! 
best laid plans!
I did see a baby deer crossing the road and some beautiful scenery, so all good!

I do feel the calling of the sea, and I know someday I will live by the sea, I don't know how, I just do.
I could watch it for ages, and I'm going to really really miss our holiday abroad this year.
Still, we'll have fab adventures were ever we go!

hope you had a wonderful weekend:)


  1. All looks beautiful, the little house with it's allotment is just gorgeous! x

  2. I want to live in that house! x

  3. I LOVE Runswick Bay so much.
    We were up there in october and watched a lone seal playing and head bobbing in the bay.
    I too lusted after that house. It has always fascinated me.......sigh!

  4. It looks idyllic! Lovely to get away for a few days. Looks like you had a fab time x

  5. How lovely. Glad you all had a great time. x

  6. What a truly gorgeous spot! Your little ones are growing up and that house is amazing. I love the horse shoe on the wall :-) My parents sent me a real estate brochure for a light house property in the Isle of Man (Dad's home) it was tres expensive and you had to walk down 70 steps to get to it but wouldn't it be a fantastic place to live!! I have been reading just not commenting so much these days, life does get in the way at times.....really loved those last lot of prints you captured the story perfectly! Jen xx

  7. That little house is intiguing, I painted it a while back, hope you take a look on my blog to see it! Runswick Bay looks as lovely as ever, hope you had a lovely time, looks like you did!

  8. it was tres costly and you had simply walking down 70 actions to get to it but wouldn't it be a amazing position to live!! I have been studying just not leaving comments so much nowadays, lifestyle does get in the way at periods.....really liked those last lot of printing you taken the tale perfectly!

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