once upon a time...

...a long long time ago,
before Lil sonny Sky
I wrote and illustrated a few books with the publishers Piccadilly Press.
Rufus and The Blackberry Monster was first published in 1999!
I feel I've grown so much as an illustrator and artist, and this work seems like a lifetime ago.

I received copies of Rufus through the post yesterday as it's been re-published in Australia by Hinkler, and even though I look at the illustrations and can't believe it's my work I'm still quite proud that children will still be reading the story of brave little Rufus 12 years on!


  1. Well done Lisa, It must be lovely to see your own book in print! I'm still dreaming of it. It looks like a lovely tail, sorry Tale, tee hee.I'm still doing the greeting cards but one day hopefully! I keep looking at 'An Illustrators life for me blog' you'll probably know this one, she inspires me, but no response from the publisher she works with (Egmont).

  2. Oh yay! Where can I get one here in Aus? Nic x

  3. I'm not sure! I don't think they're out yet, maybe in a couple of months:)

  4. aah Lisa rufus is great!! u sure is a talented chick :)

  5. Is there really no end to your talents Lisa ?! It's interesting to see how your work has changed. What do the kids think of it?

  6. love the illustrations of rufus brilliant./ g didi

  7. Oh Lisa this is lovely! I have a Rufus the Blackberry Monster! I wonder if I could get a copy of it here in the UK still? My Rufus would love this book, seeing as he loves to eat blackberry's! xLOu x


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