instant comfort... your pocket!

How wonderful are these instant comfort pocket boxes by the talented Kim Welling,
I love affirmations and positivity and these are just perfect to keep with you when you need that reassurance and just to make you smile:)

I could have done with one of these this morning as Sonny is on a bit of a testosterone surge at the mo, he seems to solve all his problems with ... well, mindless violence really (little clenched fists and kicking) he's also sooooopa mischievous and got told off for tripping Sky up on purpose on the way to school, 
he's also pestering me for more Karate lessons, a mohican and drumming lessons .....little boys!

I could have also done with this one too as it was drizzling all the way to school (you know the fine stuff that wets you through), and my hair and drizzle don't go, even with a hat on, and I ended up looking like Chrystal Tips (oooo showing my age now!)

See Kim Welling's work in her Etsy shop here, blog here and website here.

be positive today, you can do anything..... even handle naughty little boys!:)


  1. How old is your little boy? Mine is 7 and is behaving exactly that way. Lately I've been saying I feel as though he has been hit in the head with a bottle of testosterone! :)

  2. Son's 5 and a half, but chatting to mums up st school it seems to be from 5-7, Son's also had a bit of a growth spurt too so there's growth hormone to add to the testosterone! lovely!:)

  3. Love the little boxes.
    Must be something in the water as mine's at it too. Kyle will be 6 in July and forever on the board at school! the clown of the class ;D
    I think I need all of the boxes having 3 boys 17, 15 and 5 going through testosterone terror, just wait till girls get on the scene.. Oh my... ;o)

  4. They're so great aren't they - I bought 2 recently for friends who are going through some big things, it was tears all round (the good sort) I love the simplicity of the idea - I've always had a thing about matchboxes.

    I read something recently that made me smile... Boy (n): Noise, with dirt on it.


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