Suet Yi

I've fallen in love with Suet Yi's beautiful work.
I discovered her work on Etsy when looking for a gift for a friends birthday, and when I received the beautiful little dish I didn't want to part with it!
So beautifully made and the designs are so simple, elegant and timeless...
So I've bought a few more!!
Suet Yi is a student from Hong Kong on her final year of a decorative arts course at Nottingham Trent University.
Here are a selection of plates from Suet Yi's shop,

On Suet Yi's Website you can see three D ceramics and some of her wonderful drawings,

 To see more of Suet Yi's work visit her website here, and lovely Etsy shop here:)
Have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. Her shop is in my faves too - great for gifts - and so reasonable too!

  2. Beatiful work! Thanks for sharing it.
    PS Your work is lovely too!


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