Manchester City Art Gallery

I love Manchester.
I love noticing new things every time I go.
I love the cityness, business, grittyness, streets and culture of Manchester.

And I love Manchester city Art Gallery on the side of China town.

We saw an amazing exhibition by a contemporary artist called Anish Kapoor.

His work was amazing! 
Lil, Sonny & Sky really love modern contemporary exhibitions, they get excited and chatty and are really open minded to what they see and seem to 'get it' straight away without question, and quickly asses which is their favourite and why.
Anish Kapoor's mirrored work was amazing, all hand made, perfectly.
 To quote the exhibition guide,

"Anish Kapoor's work can surprise, overwhelm and disorientate us. It can engage all our senses."

and it did!
This exhibition finishes on the 5th June, then goes to Edinburgh then Nottingham.
If you get a chance to go see it do! 

we really loved it:)


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