It's fair to say camping is not my favourite thing in the world to do, and that I am a fair weather camper...which is funny really as I can't recall a time when I've been camping and it's actually been sunny!

I go camping for the kids, they absolutely love it, sleeping in the tent, running around at 10.30pm with torches eating sausage butties cooked on the little gas stove, even brushing your teeth with your friends in the communal bathroom is all really fab and exciting!... 
...they seem to ignore the rain on the tent, deflating camp mattresses in the night, endless attacks by hungry midges, the little bird that sneaks into your tent and poo's on everything, AND 'mrs' Crow screeching to her other half at 4am " looky 'ere, there is a family asleep in this tent shall we wake them up?" to which he screeches a really very loud reply of " Naa dont bother, there's 3 children in there and they wont hear a thing, we'll just annoy the parents by flapping up and down wildly outside the tent!"... BUT it wouldn't be camping without all these lovely outdoorsy at one with nature things! 
... and I got a chance to do my second Peak, Ingleborough. I can't believe my little Sonny managed  to do it! We also visited the caves which the kids thought amazing especially the big stalactites called whitch's fingers, which if they dripped on you gave you 7 years bad luck!  cooooool!


  1. Hej Lisa,

    The camping trip sounded like fun. I understand where you are coming from when you say you do it for the kids. I feel that way too. The weather is fab over here today so i'm going to surprise the kids when i pick them up and take them to the beach.


  2. Ah how lovely! wish we were over in sweden with you guys on the beach!! have a fab time in the sunshine xxx


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