Hot hectic summer

I love summer it's my favourite season, long days, long sunny evenings and long shadows, summer food, BBQ's, icecream & strawberries, colourful gardens, visiting friends and sitting out in the garden chatting and sipping a little vino Rose...lovely! (Thanks Ana & Rich for yet another fab weekend of gorge food and fab company!) 
...but things can get quite hectic as you're fooled you have more time in the day, so you cram more into your days, stay up later, work longer, say yes to every invitation and burn the candle at both ends untill it catches up with you and you realise you can't do everything...'s caught up with us, we were all so shattered this morning, and my poor Lily has had a cough for a week now but kept going during the day as kids do and suffered on a night,  now it's turned into a fever and she's off school today.  

It's made me slow down though, I've had to cancel my appointments today, one of which was a talk with the kids up at Lil, Sonny & Sky's school which I was soooo looking forward to, but everything's been rescheduled and it's forced us all to slow down which can only be a good thing! 

We sometimes expect too much from our kids busying their lives up with clubs and classes, wanting them to take advantage of every opportunity because we never had them when we were kids , I have a spread sheet on the fridge so I know where each child is going to be everyday!! We need to schedule in some nothing time,  let kids be kids, let them have some me time!
Get well soon special xxx


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