'Lil Sonny Sky's Book of the week...

Gabriella's Song By Candace Fleming, illustrated by the fantastic Giselle Potter is a beautiful tale about little Gabriella walking through the streets of Venice interpreting the sounds she hears into a tune which she hums,  then the tune gets passed onto different people in the shops & streets until with the help of a struggling composer gets turned into a beautiful symphony! 
Skyla loved the details in the gorgeous illustrations by Giselle Potter, check out her website, especially the animation link and the fab persil ad she! 
Sky also learnt a lot from this book... what a symphony was (...a grand piece of music....."like High School Musical Mummy?")  What a widow was (....a lady who has lost her husband...."won't she ever find him Mummy is that why she's sad?") and "mio amore"...my love! lovely read together book, a lot better than High School Musical!!! 
...." will I ever find my huband? is he hiding in the bread basket? under the table perhaps?"......


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